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Biggity Back

So here is the deal. I'm offically in love.

This is like talking to people without having to talk to people. It's great. I am a huge supporter of talking to yourself. I mean come on, it's like one of the most amazing things a person can do. Best conversation I have, each day. But have you ever beentalking to yourself and you get caught on a word in your head. And then you spend the next few thoughts examing that word?

I was reading a text message today from my friend Sergio. And he asked me when I was going to be back. Well because at the time I was bawling my eyes out to the end of "A League of their Own" I didn't respond, ASAP. But I had the word back in my head. and I just kept saying it and shaping it and changing it. It was crazy. lol, maybe I'm crazy.

Being here at mom's, I remember what it is like to have television. Television is kinda just one of those things I really don't notice I do without. But I haven't had cable for like 8 months. And I haven't had any TV for like, 3 months. Whoa there turbo, I can still watch movies, but no programmed television.

Today I dropped in on Jepoardy, that damn Ken Jennings; Watched hours of MTV, what is up with Laguna Beach; and fought with my gag reflex while watching Trading Spaces, S E L L O U T S. It was weird... but proves to me that watching tv is like riding a bike. You don't really ever forget.

Speaking of my day, I finally took that shower at like 7:30. My then highlight was full hair and makeup for my profile picture. Yes, I do live in a sad sad world. Then read some fantasy novel that I bought in like 1997, but recently resurrected and re-read, because I had exhausted all of my other reading options. (Nora Roberts totally has a new trilogy coming out in October. I should talk to my sister about what happened to the "Key" books.)

About this blog... I hope to write frequently. I have like once a week access to the internet. So I'm thinking it's going to go in spurts, like so much else in my life.

Peace out for now



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