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Okay maybe that wasn't such a good idea...

So I just installed the sims... And ate a bag of those stupid red hots.

It's Valentines day soon, and they are selling valentines candy in the stores. And wouldn't you know, I'm a sucker for oddly chewy cinnamon flavored little heart shapes. I can really eat a whole bag. I just did.

Racher not feel so good.

I forgot to tell you guys I had the best idea for a present for ben today, I will tell you about it in a few when he gets it, but you should be excited, cause I'm a freaking laugh riot, and it's hilarious. (Don't ruin the surprise if I already told you... )

Now, to curling up with the new Stephanie Laurens. and drinking 6 gallons of water...

The rach-a-palooza

I have a freaking license you crazies...

Yes, that's right, I am one biggedy bad ass licensed driver. I know you're all jealous. But here's the amazing part. The DOL is all liars... okay not all of them, but a lot of them. Because everyone I talked to before the lady called my number and I walked up there said I had to take a test. I looked at her, said I had to take a test, and she said... let me check. Then proceeded to hand me a signature card and tell me to wait for my picture. Rude! (Not to you lady who said I just had to take a picture, but to everyone before you.)( Lady, you're nice)

So I pretty much figured that they knew what a great driver I was and decided to just let me get a license. Good job you people.

I spent the rest of the morning getting a terrible nail fill, and acclimating myself with the area. There are some places I would love to live here, forever.

NEWSFLASH! I decided today that I really like it here. like a lot. Like, more than I really thought I could ever like living in a big city with lots of traffic and (gasp!) rain! it suits me. And nobody stares at me funny for looking classy.

Rachel Jones, secret agent

"You can't judo chop a python"

I am having a good day. lol, until I get to the dmv.

My favorite time of the day is quickly becoming when you get to lay in bed at night and we just talk about random stuff. lol, we never go to bed dead tired, because our schedules rock. and it gives me a minute to talk to him withouth the internet interfering. I like it.

okay so wish me luck. I passed the knowledge practice test. we'll see how it goes in the real time...

rachie mcphee

The day hath come...

Ben says I have to get my license tomorrow. He says it's stupid to be driving without one. I say it's been three years, and don't tell him I said this, but he's right. NEVER BREATHE A WORD.

So yeah, I'm spending a good portion of my day in the DMV. Tuesdays shouldn't be too busy I tell myself. we'll see.

That and I need to take the mowws to the vet. I need to get Moww Moww spayed and declawed, and Milton needs his front and back claws removed. poor mowws.

CAn you believe someone told me today I am abrasive?? Rude

the rachietiticaca


There was this one time...

I used to know what it was like to get somewhere in five minutes.

Then I moved to the city.

I am leaving for work and it is 1:15.

I kinda love it in a weird way...

Ben actually had to go to work. I don't really know what he was doing but I hope he had fun.

the racherator


Rain down (on) on me
Let you're love just fall like raindropse
Rain on me
Rain down (on) on me
Let you're love just shower me
Just rain on me

SWV. Brilliant group of girls and they are singing an appropriate song for my day. The thing about rain is this... it's wet. I know crazy right? The last time I was in Orlando, they were having these freak rainstorms in the middle of the afternoon with these huge raindrops, I pretty much thought it was ridiculous. And it has been raining like that here for 3 days. Did I mention what my hair does in the rain?? Silly hair.

So I'm growing it out. I am taking a page out of my sisters book and growing the long hairs. The long curly hairs and then I don't have to worry about all that blow drying business. yeah!

That's my brilliance today. I'm excited.

Work is today at two. the Chinese new year was fascinating. I find that all the girls pretty much make fun of each other all the time. It's odd, because they mean it.

Maybe I'll be lucky and ben will have the Sims installed on the computer so I can play it for a billion hours tomorrow on my day off. cross your fingers.


the rach


Well I'll be...

Guess who's back!!!

I am you silly gooses. I am now a resident of Kirkland WA. =) And I have internet accesss. CAn you believe that? I also cuss a lot as I was realizing when I was reading some of my previous blogs.

Well get ready for a every other daily or so post of profanity! HOO RAY!

I met my new boss the other day. She's this cute little asian lady with big tv reporter hair. It rocks my world. And I can really only aspire to find that kind of hold in this freaking humidity. Damn it all anyway.

Ben and I are cohabitating. Weird!! I will be much more acclimated as soon as cable gets installed wednesday. I will be watching all my favorite shows on 73" of lovin'. Awesome. Until that time I find myself at a loss.

Ben spends most of his life on the interweb. So I think me and the cats are going to be developing a whole new language since they are the ones I actually talk to. All I can usually get out of him is a grunt, and they talk back. What ever works ya know?

I have to go in to work today for inventory. Another big HOO-RAy, and then the girls have some kind of chinese new year. It's kinda cute.

But that is all for now, Love you guys! Missed you sooo much!!

The Rachmeister