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There is something funny about that isn't there?

So today is one of those days where I really just want to do something. Something fun or something fantastic. Something that I haven't done a million times or in a long while. It probably won't happen. That's just the nature of things.

I did something fantastic today and cut the shit out of my hair. As you know home hair cuts usually go well for me. I think this one has, but you can never tell from day one. lol, and for those of you that have ever tried to get to know me, you know what kind of mood I'm in when I need to do a home haircut.

In case you don't know, that means don't test me. Cause I'm having one of those cut the bullshit type of days.

I hope to enjoy the sunshine and have a fantastic day, I miss my mowwws and haven't hung out with them in awhile.

rach.... and that's all today


It's been awhile...

isn't just a song by staind.... appropriately it is also the title of this blog...
(Because I should just be called Captain Obvious)

Things have been crazy lately. In a really good way, I have been loving life and totally look forward to the summer coming. The sunshine has been super fabulous, and it's staying an unbelievable 65 here. I look so forward to the weather, so I hear it will be crazy sunshine and 65 most of the summer. It's incredibly unhumid. BTW, did I mention that everyone should just move here because it's perfect? Hello, I live five minutes from the IKEA, 3 targets, and like 25 million different other things that are great about seattle.

The boys took me to this park today that overlooked the Space Needle and Mt. Rainer (I Think) and the Puget Sound. All from one little park no bigger than a city block. It was beautiful, and just as soon as I get the pictures downloaded I will show them to you.

I found out I am moving to the sales floor starting next period. Let's hope this means good things. It's got to right? So if you know anyone in the Northern Seattle Area, make them come buy stuff from me. Thanks!

I'm looking forward to what is to come...

Don't tell anyone but Ben is brushing the kitties, and it's really freaking adorable how he laughs and talks to them. lol... I know we both do it. But it's hilarious to watch someone else.

Love you all!

Mommy I'm thinking about you, and you better call me after tuesday.

The racherimcmeisternator.


Teh Evo

My Mowws hate me... this is the look I have been getting all day...

we had them spayed and declawed. =(