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Did I mention...

I'm fucking going on a vacation to see my sister (and Bri of course)?? Bought my tickets the other day, it's bad ass. Those bitches don't believe I'm coming. How rude.

I super excited, and it's only two weeks away which means, with as fast as the last two weeks went, it's going to be here in no time. Super stoked.

In Moscow for a bit... got some new teeth. Pretty cool. I actually don't have any holes now. They are all there.

Sorry this is so short... but I'm watching lawnmower man. Totally classic. Totally cg, in the beginning...

The start of the movie actually says something about how at the time the movie was made many people were afraid that VR would be widely used at the turn on the millenium for mind control. How Max Headroom.



Are you kidding me??

So seriously next time I go to the library, I am wearing a garbage bag. Maybe that will keep the guy next to me from leering at me like he is right now. That's so freaking rude...

I am here because I have found out that I have diabetes. Severe type 2. The jury is currently out on the type 1 verdict. And no I am not telling my parents... Melissa if you read this before I can call you, please don't freak out. I'm just trying to get my shit together.

I have chosen not to tell mom and dad because they will just cause me problems. I don't hardly ever see them, and they would just make my life hell. That and they have been severely weird lately, which means that I have been avoiding their calls like the plague. Mom keeps leaving me these messages that say that she just wants to chat... but her voice sounds surprisingly like Eeyore. Like you just wanna chat my ass...

Things have been otherwise pretty weird. I have been feeling really sick, moody, irritable, for the better part of the new year, and some of last, and haven't had a freaking clue what was going on. Then one of my co-workers mentioned that she was reading a poster during her women's appt. and low and behold, it sure as shit sounded like Rachel. I got curious started doing some research, and the things I was finding out about diabetes sounded surprisingly like me. I decided that I needed to go to the doctor. After a series of blood tests and what not (eeeyuck) ta da! I am officially insulin free (this is where the classification gets mucky) and hating it.

So my dears, you will now have a bit more to follow, my journal is getting full, and research is going to be a must, so the computer will have regular visits. and I will keep you little munchkins updated.

love you all bunches