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Do not leave a bologna sandwich in your cubby...

For it starts to smell…

I’m tired and got slightly delirious today.

I am angered over the fact that I tried to send a friend a birthday present, and Fed-Ex lost it. Damn you fed-ex

In a salute to my internet illiteracy, I signed up for online banking, paypal, ebay and some other website today. I think it might have been midget porn. I was just clicking next and inputing my name by the end.

Burnt out on website sign up.

I am going to start lieing randomly to people. It sounds like fun. I will concoct stories, about pet monkeys, and undercover missions. And simply tell people I was doing nothing. Only let little bits slip or be read on the internet. Things under the heading “Agent R tells All!” Only the story says, “She was doing all kinds of stuff. Stuff she normally does. Like rescue those one people.”

Enjoy the following, found on Urban Dictionary.com… notice who it is used by.

liek omgz
The liek comes from a misspelling of like, while the omgz comes from a weird z-addition of omg which stands for oh my god or oh my gosh. Usually used by people who slam their heads on the keyboard and cannot spell for shit, e.g. valleygirls, preppy people who type in sticky caps, or 12-year-olds.

liek omgz diz guy spred a rumer abut meh..,,,
omgzzz!111 wut a meenee!!11
i nooooooo
i no u shud haff sbex wiff his gf hed get reeel mad!111 majer paybek
wowww liek omgz u r teh so smaert!111 thx babiiiiii
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004 email it


There are Blogs, and there are Blogs...

And today I feel the need to "blog".

I had an amazing weekend. I can't begin to explain how amazing my weekend was. There were so many good times. There was once again lots of Sangria involved.. which might have become my almost drink of choice. There is more study needed.

Today, I feel the need to express some feelings.

Feelings like pride and happiness.

Pride because my boys made me so so so happy this weekend. I love to see them changing some bad habits that they totally know they have. I have always been proud of them, and think that they are amazing. But to see them become people who will rule the world just makes there be a smile on my face.

It puts into great contrast the people who have yet to change. And still have some of the most embarrassing behavior.

You just feel sorry for them anymore.

I have to say big kudos to new friends. New friends that feel like they could easily be lasting friendships. Many people that I have yet to meet.. *ahem* but still think of as bad a**.

I realize now that giving up friends for the last few years, was probably one of the stupidest things I have done is a whole mess of stupid things. Stupid things I don't need to get into now.. because I'll tell you a secret...

*Whispers* I'm over it.


My 100th POST! Things I don't understand...

Girls who use the word Hott.

Inspirational quotes associated with people who aren't inspriational.

Ugly cars, and the people who drive them

Using Bumper Stickers.

Fast Food...

Yellow clothes

Those white boxers that skaters/emos let hang out of their pants. How institutional.

People who are negative and don't find a way to enjoy the situation they are in.

Settling for less than you deserve.

Those little seeds some people put in spaghetti... I think it's fennel. Fennel = eww...

Not liking a good blog every once in awhile.

People who are high maintenance.

Not loving yourself... where's the fun in that? (Be you, like Steve says)

Weakness of mind, body and spirit.

and last but not least..

How people in Florida can go their whole life and never see snow. I miss snow...


Yes, I left it in the door...

honestly don't know the number of times I've unlocked a door, walked into a house with my hands full, and then left the key right there in the door as it shut.

And then forgotten it until the next morning. I usually find out about the same time I am frantically searching for my keys...

What?!?! You're amazed I've done that?

lol, of course you aren't. Because if you've known me for 5 seconds you know I have a one track mind, and do these things often.

Things like... turn the oven on to cook, and forget I left the cookies I baked three days ago inside. Until the house was filled with smoke (I did that with a house full of people... ps)

Things like... go to work, open the trunk of my car to get something out, and not realized I didn't shut it until I leave to go home.

8 hours later.

I'm a smart girl. I'm VERY organized. 99.9% of the time. But I'm sure a doozy that .1%.

Do I leave my bedroom messy for extended periods? no. Do I live a life of inefficiency at work so that nothing gets done? no.

I simply find locking and latching devices unneccesary, and therefore block out my use of them.

Which is why as we were sitting down to a wonderful apple roasted chicked and fresh garlic green bean dinner, there was a knock at the door.

It was our kind neighbor letting us know that the car door wasn't shut.

And the car keys were in the front door.



Reasons why I love my new job, and more!

There is something to be said for a new environment. Back in the day at Harry’s, they used to call me a Chameleon, because no situation fazed me, I simply adapted and ran with it.

Then the 7 moves in the last 3 years happened, and you could say I like that change. My sister says I need to figure out what’s making me unhappy, and then change it so I can stay in one place for longer than 5 minutes. Eh…

I left Seattle with the intention of going back. I realized recently that doesn’t need to happen any time soon. I LOVED Seattle. And I will end up there. But what’s the point? I still have all my friends, and I talk to most of them more now than when I lived there.

But being here in Florida is one of the best two day decisions I have made in a long time. Do I miss certain people and parts of Seattle? OF COURSE. Sometimes I think about it and get sad. Then I realize there is no point and enjoy where I am.

But working and living here is awesome. You can’t beat “no jacket needed” weather in October. I mean, hello, it’s almost November, and I’m still wearing a mini most of the time.

My sister is da bomb. (And Brian is okay too. Hehe, I love you Bri Bri… but seriously, you’re really nursing my already out of control TV addictions. Geeks Rule!) They have totally been there for me. I already have some of the most awesome memories being here. My favorites include the night Herbie came home, the recent HHN, and some of the best times ever just sitting around the house. They laugh and enjoy life every moment of the day. No matter how shitty work was that day, or whatever is going on, they come home and unload. They laugh and quote movies. They like to be around each other. And aren’t afraid to show it. Hey people… do you get how important it is to laugh every day?

I’ve found my laughter. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

But my new job… wow. I stumbled into a gold mine here. Working for a software company means people are smart. There is a lot of intelligence running around the office. On top of that, they are damn cool. The girls are all awesome. They are there if I need them, have senses of humor, and the kind of women I want to be in 5 years. I wouldn’t give any part of my BBCCT’s up. But that whole construction environment just wasn’t nearly as friendly. And those boys weren’t even half the snappy dressers these people are.

Anyway, lol, I know I promised not to write anymore happy posts because you were all tired of hearing them. And this wasn’t meant to be one… but it’s kind of hard to stop.

The reason I started this post was this.

Our office ran out of coffee. Someone had to go buy some until our coffee service could provide new. So what happened? Our training manager went out to get some. Came back with 3 kinds: Espresso, Regular, and Vanilla. Sends out an office wide email, saying hey, this is what I got, I recommend you put this much in, and if not, click below.


Did I mention I heart geeks?


I'm not disappointed... exactly...

So he won.

I wanna say dammit. but then again, the show is about innovation. And so I will accept his victory.

Surprisingly I wanted all of Uli's clothes to be in my closet. Now. Cause they were pretty much the hotness.

Micheal's clothes were once again beautiful, but they got a little ghetto fab, and if that's what you're going for, he was the man for you.

Laura's clothes, were quite simply, fabulous. But not really something that I would wear, then again they weren't meant to be worn all the time.

Honestly, I have the least to say about Jeffrey's clothes, because I wouldn't wear them. They just looked a little to unkempt for me. I like structure. And black accents, and animal prints. Which is why his clothes completely didn't appeal to me.

All in all, this was definitely the best season so far. I liked the people, yeah, Santino and Andrae and Nick were better entertainment, but their clothes just didn't cut it.

So.. woot to Project Runway. You made my tv season grand.

Now I can go back to not watching television. And then I will be fantastic. cause I will have more gym times and running around with the homies.

Kudos to Rach turning 21 on Friday. It's going to be a blast, and then we can go out and rally.

Oh and PS... I rule. bwahahahahahah I totally kicked it's ass and took names. It's good to be me.


Oh that's right... she fierce.

here is something so fantabulous about going to a gay bar.

I think it's because you can wonderfully flirt with all these boys, and you don't have to worry one little bit about them actually being boys and doing something stupid or unappealing.

I heart that.

We went to Rupaul last night at the Parliament house... and holy cow was that fun.

I had a good time, and I almost had to start a fight with some 45 year old "bear" type bitch who pushed me when I was on the ledge of a damn pool. Hello! Way to push the girl in the 4 inch heels, and not push the 6'5" ogre in front of me pushing me back!

But damn it was fun. And I saw some of the nicest breasts I have ever seen on one of the drag queens. Although I only marginally understand that the drag queen had boobs... but kinda not. I guess it's the thing. All I know is they was beautiful.

And probably essspensive. (bwhahahahahahaha)

I've also developed a charming little dialect over the weekend. That makes me giggle whenever I think about it.

Wow, what a good time. I'm looking forward to more good ones!

Heart yous.. missed everyone who's calls I couldn't seem to get to this weekend.

Hope you had an awesome time!



Being an real Adult 101

I have been having an awesome time this weekend... first the HHN. Which was a blast!

And then last night.

When they told me we were going to Ole' Ole' for dinner, I was thinking hells yeah, I'm gonna have me some enchiladas, and chips and salsa and rock out... Go home full and happy.

The night ended up being that times 1 billion.

Ole' Ole', is a Spanish restaurant. No ..42 on the menu. It's like blended chihuahuas, and spanish sausage, and food in a sauce. You always know how ra sha sha a restaurant is by the descriptions. If they say the chicken is in "a (insert descriptive word here) sauce, with a side of (insert some sort of side dish that takes longer than the 20 minutes for rice a roni)" you are not at your friendly neighborhood mexican restaurant.

We chose to have an array of Tapas, or appetizers to work our way through the meal. That and some wonderful Sangria made the Racher have one fantastic night. We ended up staying at the restaurant for well over 3 hours. I haven't enjoyed a meal that much in years. Wait... the night of my mom's birthday was a good time... but I sure didn't laugh as much as I did last night.

(ps. to those of you I left a long winded voicemail... sorry :/)

But anyway, I had the most amazing amount of fun.

There is something about Travis that just makes you want to laugh. Combined with how much I laugh around Brian and Melissa alone. Good Lord.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only 24 year old on the planet who doesn't have to get drunk to have fun. Who can enjoy a glass of wine and conversation, and just have a good time with other adults. It's not about who I can take home, or how many shots I had, but that everyone (And I mean everyone) has a fantastic time.

Damn, it was a good idea to come here.


Now I chose to skip out on the convention today and also leave Melissa and Duane to their thrifting and just take a day for myself. I'm so happy I glow.

Speaking of glowing. You should see my skin! I seriously haven't been this healthy in five years. Shit, I don't think I've been this healthy my whole life. Inside and outside. It's awesome.

Can't wait for tonight!


A Quick little "chestnut"...

I'm so sorry I've been delinquent. I have been posting blogs like a bad ass on Myspace. But not posting them here.

I'm make sure to at least copy the juicy ones.

See below.

Heart yous... bitchez!

I had to Stiff-Arm Hannibal Lecter...

I need to start this blog with a few little tidbits of me.

I sleep with a nightlight. I wake up with those super creepy nightmares where my heart is racing and swear someone is in the room. I can’t walk into or out of a dark room. I can’t walk up a flight of stairs out of a basement without turning around. It weirds me out when I can’t see around the curve in a hallway. And this is all in my own house.

So you can imagine my surprise when I somehow got talked into going to Halloween Horror Nights. For those of you not in the know, Halloween Horror Nights, to most, is a drunken festival of horror, where Universal Studios puts on a night of themed Haunted Houses and Halloween type goodness. The streets of Universal are filled with Creepy Scarecrows, Vampires, Goblins, and Zombies (Go Steve!). There were seriously midgets in Goblin suits. Midgets in Goblin suits = Super Creepy. Just ask Duane.

And I went last night.

Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The half-hour waits for the Houses sucked. But I have to say, all but one completely made up for it. And the one that didn’t wasn’t the houses fault. It was the stupid 16 year old drunk girls. (I have decided I have a ridiculous aversion to the 16-21 year old girls of the world… ps. you’re annoying)

I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be scared any more. That this time when I went through the house I would realize it was all fake.

Then I swear to god, that zombie girl licked my ear. The boys try to say that she was obviously a Lesbian Zombie. And I know I’m hot... but come on. She like blew really moist air or something. Right on that spot on the back of my ear. Yeah, you know that spot. The same spot that if anyone touches on me is a complete turn on… UNLESS I’M SCARED OUT OF MY DAMN MIND!

Then there was the black light room, where I paused to admire my UV responsive Nail Polish. Damn it was sexy. Until that eyeball man popped out of nowhere. Sweet Jesus Mary. I’m pretty sure at that point in time I had thoughts of burying myself under Travis’ shirt until we got out.

All in all I had a fabulous night. And I totally look forward to next year.

Yeah, ya herr?

Next Year. ;)