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I am Arial Narrow.


I think I might be defined by my font. In response, I am writing this blog in the un-font, Courier.

But seriously, I like it!

One thing that I have begun to notice is that people have a hard time stepping away from a font if they get used to it. Now this does not apply to the "color fonters". People with extreme color fonting or an excessive use of smileys DO NOT APPLY.

If you have ever gotten an IM/email like this:

OMG! How are you today? (L) IS everything okay? (R) What's on your agenda for Lunch? (J)(M)

Not only do you not support Smileys, but this person looks like they might have tourettes. And some issues. Because honestly, I only talk like that to people who I know are about to snap.

This all came up, because I was putting some documents together and realized that I couldn't get it to look right. Everything I tried looked like poo. Justifications seemed off, spacing, margins everything.

Until I changed it to Arial Narrow and all was right with the world.

I think might have just confirmed any and all OCD's I have with that statement, ps.

So, what does your font say about you? (Wingdings don't apply, although I know some people who it should apply to.)