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You're supposed to be saying that to the tune of the ricola song.

I got a bunch of new babies this week.

I bought a new television for my bedroom... Gregory robert could not lay in bed, and for that matter, I could barely too, and still see the tv. It is a little tiny.

But not any more! Yea! I plan to break it in tomorrow with some oreos, snack food and some football. And about 80 watchings on the narnia movies.

But the bestest new thing I got this week? A WII!!! I technically didn't get it this week but I purchased it. Allegedly, it comes from the targets.com, and it will be here on the 9th. It's going to be badass.

If tonights hours of Burnout are any indication, the wii battles will commence shortly thereafter.



No really, Pageant Dad.

In case you haven't watch Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC yet, you MUST WATCH AT LEAST ONE EPISODE.

Not only is there a pagaent dad... who wears a pagaent dad hat... and had such gem like quotes such as "if you need a tire changed ask my wife, if you need a dress beaded, I'm your man"...

But there is also the filthiest filth of a macaw that was ever seen on a reality television show. She has to be, there is no reason how she could not be. She's a pageant mom who has made the leap to also being in the Mrs competition. Mrs.... At one point in time, before her talent (baton twirling in case you were wondering) they interviewed her in the hallway, and she explained her costume. "a one piece, if you can believe that, spandex pantsuit". What she didn't say with words but was shown in pictures were the glitter sequin hearts, and the netting stomach piece. She said it made her feel skinny. Honey, no spandex jumpsuit makes anyone feel skinny. Really.

and here, a tidbit for you. Evidently the internet loved her as much as I did... enjoy. Rach


I actually had a musicgasm today.... like exploding everywhere!!!

In case I haven't ever met you, or you haven't talked to me in the last 10 years, then you might not have heard of Pandora.

Most likely, since it would be my best friend if best friends could be streaming internet radio programs, you have heard of it. But we became even better BFF's today...


lol... I haven't had a transmitter since my last iphone fried. and then since Brian has Sasha now and doesn't need his transmitter, I get it.

And pa pow...

The fact that I can now listen to Pandora will save me no less than 400 dollars a year in itunes music so I can listen to my Pandora favs in the car.


if you don't have Pandora, go there now. Feel free to peruse my profile at pandora.com/mrs_mar and sample one of my stations.

MUAH darlings!


Resolutions Smesolutions.... Post 2 of 2.

So it's been awhile. A long while.

Something happened today that made me think it was time to get back in to the swing of things called life. I got this feeling right after I finished my 5Th book in 3 weeks that I said... wow, you're aren't doing anything these days besides sit around, get your act together lady.

And then I rocked the night :)

I tore apart my bedroom, cleaning out nooks and crannies... getting rid of stuff, and finding some gems that I had stored away for a rainy day. I had no idea I had almost 20 purses stashed in my closet, and I plan on using as many of them as I can in the near future, I've got some great ones in there!

I contemplated things while I was doing this, like getting married for tax purposes, which side of my face my hair should part, and the chemical makeup of the stuff that whitens teeth. You know, your normal average every day stuff.

I also thought a lot about all the things I want to do this year, and what I want to have accomplished. I think a lot of that thinking was related to the fact that I saw my W2 from last year and cried on the inside for the fact that I made a lot more than I thought... and still don't really have much to show for it.

So... here are the 12 things I want to do in 09....

12. I want to seriously look into getting licensed to do hair. I would enjoy it immensely and it would be nice to be a professional.

11. Get my own place. This is probably the biggest thing I want to do this year. There is so much I love about living with Melissa and Brian, but I want somewhere where I can get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and not have to worry about finding clothes.

10. Get a pet. A giant rabbit tops my list, but a new kitty or puppy would be good too.

9. Go to the gym at least twice a week. Even with my work schedule, if I can only go in on the weekends, I want to go.

8. Go back west. (I totally just got the credits to Pretty Woman in my head... did you?) There are some serious parts of Seattle I miss, some people I would like to meet in person for the first time, and some people I just want to see.

7. Work less or more, but find the happy medium. Even though I don't think about work when I leave the office, I also don't want to ever think about what is going to be waiting for me when I get back. Whether I work more to do that, or work less, it doesn't matter.

6. Go to the dentist. I have now got no less than 3 broken teeth. I think I need at least 1 more root canal, and I definitely need to have a tooth pulled. There is a reason my dad had dentures at 21, and I think I have reaped the genetic benefits of that act.

5. Find a new hobby. Or resurrect an old one. I really want to do pottery again. I wonder if there is anyone that would like to go with me?

4. Spend more time at Disney. There are a million of you that would say that I already go a lot, but the fact of the matter is, there is so much that I miss there.

3. Talk to more people on the phone. I rarely return phone calls, and never initiate conversation. There are a billion people I need to talk to and miss back home, it's about time I did that.

2. Show my Dad Orlando. I hope to have the chance to do that in the Spring when my dad travels across country on his first vacation in over 10 years. (Sound familiar? I'm only up to 3 years, maybe 4)

1. Be happy. I've been lucky to meet this requirement for most of 08, and definitely this first month of 09, all I ask is that it continues.

Here's to blogging being on that list too....



Post 1 of 2 for the Refreshing... 25 things you didn't know about me...

For all you facebookers out there...

25. I cut my own hair. In fact, I gave it a trim this evening. And I changed my part.... it's weirding me out.

24. My favorite color is black. Not because it's dismal, but because I love high contrast things. And anything that is clean and defined. Black makes that easy.

23. I love doing housework. My favorite thing is usually vacuuming followed closely by using windex. mmmm ammonia.

22. I love movies like the Last Samurai, and LOTR III. Not because they are the best movies ever, but because they are really long, make great background movies, and have excellent scores.

21. I am only growing my hair out because my boyfriend likes it long. I'm that kind of girlfriend.

20. I love it when things match. I cannot wear any outfit that doesn't match. I mean really match. like.. the exact same colors only. my sister calls it "matchy matchy"

19. I rarely leave the house without makeup, even though sometimes it's last nights, because I am ridiculously self concious of my ruddy complexion and my eyelashes are blond.

18. Every time I smell Fruit Punch koolaid I'm reminded of the basement of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Colstrip Montana. And lemon sandwich cookies.

17. I owe my sister my life. Really. She's saved me more than once. and all since I turned 21.

16. I miss having pets more than I let on. Like cry sometimes because I miss mine so much, and get really depressed when I realize I can't have any.

15. I think women are beautiful. So beautiful that I have their form as my tattoos. I am not into chicks like that, though.

14. I would have loved to be a 50's housewife. Every last bit of the job.

13. I crave things like .99 pizza, ramen noodles, and mac & cheese.

12. I miss the remoteness that is the little town where I grew up.

11. I would move back to Colstrip today if I knew I could make a living there.

10. I once through a wooden puzzle board at my sister the day before her school pictures. You should ask her to show her the scar.. which happens to be really close to right between her eyes. I'm lucky that went the way it did.

9. I cry. At everything. Including commercials. And every single reality tv show I watch. Even the bad ones.

8. I miss having "friends". But not enough to have some.

7. In college, on my bowling team....

6. My nickname used to be Roach, and scooter, and bunny, and rachikins, and pester, and mom.

5. I would be lost without a flatiron. You should see the pictures before we became friends.

4. The internet doesn't entertain me like it does some people. *Melissa*cough* But I still find the time we spend together entertaining.

3. I lurrrrve Bourbon. It makes me feel like such a broad when I drink it.

2. I recently had to create a job description and discovered I do approximately 18 hours of work a day. I usually do that in 10 hours.

1. I'm a blond. I think.