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WTF Bitch...

That's what I said to myself today when I realized it had been 20 days since I posted.

I'm MUCHO sorry.

Things have been crazy. WE moved to Bellevue. Into a 3000 square foot house. And it is in a word FUCKING-FANTASTIC-YOU-MOFO's. The hyphens make that one word.

I miss my sister, she seems to have things going on with her life that she chooses not to tell me about because I have to read that she had some work thing going on on Bri's blog. Weirdo.

I'm continuing on my inner growth. My boss says to me everyday when we finally have the store to ourselves, "Alright, fill me in on the drama that is your inner growth saga" I know secretly inside she loves it.

Yesterday we talked a long time about me overcoming my vomit of the mouth. Ecspecially where Ben is concerned. I get really insecure about our relationship and then I nag him. And I pester him. and I just want to know everything that is going on where he is concerned. And then I think about how I would feel if he did that to me and I would seriously punch him in the throat. Thank god he hasn't done that to me. (Thanks honey!) But I'm learning. When did I become needy? EWW...

I think it stems back from the spoiled bratness of my childhood. Which I'm slowly getting over. slowly but surely.
And I'm on my way to take over the world after that.

Shortly after I conquer my newfound library obsession. I have some 13 books checked out right now. Every time I go I find something new. And then I read it. I love it, and it's helping to pass the time till summer. I'm stoked.

Anyway, I love you guys and I have some other stories to tell... but they will have to happen at a later date.

The Rachey mcRacherton


Careful, You are dealing with a Wanted Woman...

So in case you didn't read previously I am looking for a second job. I have been applying a couple places, like Rite Aid, and Kellogg, and some other random places. And low and behold, I got offered like 3 jobs today. Why am I so cool? Probably because I am.

I have been having a great day, added some new pics, and then just chilled mostly. Finished a book, about to cook some dinner, anyone for chicken?

I think with this new job I will be so over the way I was feeling a couple of days ago. No need for that regret. It's sooo gone.

Did I mention how much I've emotionally grown in the last month? hehe, do I need your approval? No, but it's sure nice to have it. Do I have to have someone love me to be happy? No, but I will love you, and we'll see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, then we know it wasn't my fault. Should I pretty much just quit BS-ing and take over the world now? Sounds like a good deal.

LOL, I can not begin to tell you how happy I am! This is the bestest feeling ever...

Rachel the almighty, powerful and allknowing

p.s. I did repost this from myspace. Sorry if it's a repeat for you...


You gotta double bag the cat poop...

When did we get a new brawny man? I was changing the paper towels today and realized that he wasn't that 70's porn star mustache man I was used to. How rude. And why didn't anyone tell me?

That almost wrecked my day.

On a second note. I'm moving to Bellevue. Ben has been wanting to move, and now he gets to live in Bellevue. I'm a little stressed about the commute. But I will just have to give it a try. What could it hurt right?

I love you all and miss you bunches I will talk to you soon!

Rachel a.k.a. Kelly Alder. (Hello first pet and street you grew up on... ) Isn't that weird that my sisters would be almost the same?? Odd!!!


Where have I have been?

Where have I been with my insights and my opinions and what not? My little anecdotes and fun stories? Where have I been? FUCKING MYSPACE!

I am so addicted it's not even funny. I have found more and more people I know, and they are everywhere. My sister even joined. Wow.

It is crazy.

I hate being broke. I hate being broke so much that I am looking for another job. I am thinking I will probably just look for something that is nights, like a cashier at a grocery store, a gas station attendant or like a front desk girl. Anything to give me some money to spend. My last good bra blew a wire this week, which means the $200 some odd dollar bra buying trip I was trying to put off must now happen. and one must have gas in the car for the 30 mile commute everyday.


Barter Ready Rachel *Hey, that has a ring to id.