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Back fucking at it.

So here's the deal. I'm back in CDA/Moscow/Spokane.

I hate it.

I wish I was still in Florida. At least I was where I wouldn't be so fucking miserable all the time for somereason or another.

I came back to the store with Kendra on one of her rampages. She had decided to have her way with my office. Which I really didn't appreciate. And she was just on one of her high horse style binges.

But yeah. That pretty much blew.

Did I mention how freaking long it took me to get back here? A whole extra day. I got held up by tennis ball size hail in Denver. Ridiculous. So that sucked too.

You know what, the whole time I was on vacation I kept telling melissa to stop being so angry, and then lo and behold, I'm angry champion the minute I get back. Rude.

i was in Lewiston today. I had to do the show there. I tell you what, I am kinda thinking I would have been better off staying home. argh.

Next couple of days are to be pretty busy. I get to go do the remounts, and then a bunch of other random shit. Sunday monday off, And i am not doing a damn thing. 6 days on plus 6 hours of travel in between is nonsense. Can't take it.

I'll chat at ya soon.


p.s. Melissa. Miss you miss you miss you, Brian too!


"You can't listen to that, it might have a crescendo"

I had another blast of a day... My last real one in Orlando =(

I get to fly back to the real world at 5pm this evening.

I'm going to hate going back. It was sooo nice to get to see Mel and bri. It's just weird that way. I doubt I could have said that years ago, but now it makes total sense. I have to make this a more regular trip. That's for sure.

We spent the day yesterday touristing in Orlando. Drove through some... Well, let's say interesting, neighborHOODS.

Then came the holy land. I wanted to get something for Ben. And really what's better than a jeebus. This place was a kick. I had to pay 30 bucks to get in for an hour (they would refund if I made it out before my time was up). Then I had that time to experience the Holy Land. There were little ol ladies in huge t-shirts and teva sandals everywhere.

Let me set the scene. Picture you're in the middle east, 66 ad. The people with bored looking expressions standing behind kiosks praying to god, conveniently, that you don't come talk to them. He is risen, beautifully manicured into the side of the pond, the sounds of freeway, reversing rascal scooters, and dragging walkers in the background. And a man telling everyone, "The passion drama is going to start in about 20 minutes. Your going to want to watch this, it will be like nothing you have ever seen." At this I pause, he was about the sixth guy I had heard say that... or maybe it was the same guy and he was following me around the park because he knew I was going to burst into heathen flames at any minute. Either way I had shopping to do, but thought I might check it out. Found a little bookstore in the back of the complex (The whole thing is about the size of a high school football stadium) and got Ben's present. The evangecube, complete with instructions on how to make the people you are telling about jeebus repent and be saved. It was a good deal at 6.95, considering.

I headed on my merry little way back to the front gate. Only to get herded into the brown lines, because "caesars soldiers were marching." WHAT?? I wanted to look at the guy and say, hey, you, I'm on a limit here, but then I became fascinated. They were going to crucify jeebus right in the middle of central Florida.

But after a big of song from Mary, and the soldiers marching I had to jet. Met Mel and bri and we headed out. Bri did get some pics from the car (check them out on his blog) so the day was not lost.

After that I got some sweet souvenir shopping done, and then we headed to Disney. They showed me the lodges I haven't seen yet. Animal Kingdom lodge is cool, it's like a zoo, but a hotel too. And the wilderness lodge reminds me of home. I got a little choked up at one point, it kinda made me homesick.

then we went downtown in search of an Edna. No luck. And came home.

It was a great last day. I had a blast. I am ready to come back again.

It was the best week I have had in a long time, I'm going to miss these guys. But I will be back soon.



Sunburned arms and a good book...

The thing about the beach is it's freaking wonderful. Mel and Bri took me to the beach today, and I loved it. It helped with all those silly vitamins I get deficient in this time of year back home. The sand in the nether regions I could do without, but my ass has never been softer. :)

Last night I totally crashed after dinner and slept for 12 hours it was wonderful. I liked the fact that I actually had no one walking through my room to use the bathroom. I can't wait till sunday to call the girls. I miss them all soo much. I hope things went wonderful with Diane.

Tomorrow the shopping escapades begin. And I get my nails done thank god. I am totally ready for some asian inspired airbrush action the likes of which I have never seen. I am totally stoked.

Well I am about to rally the rest of my book, and get some rest... I HAVE TO go to the gym in the morning, or else all will be lost to this amazing steak Bri made tonight. That and the Coney dog I had at sonic. Fucking heaven.




The thing about that one is...

I'm in Florida. It's freaking awesome. I love it. I am actually on vacation for the first time in like forever. It's a good feeling. It would be a great feeling if I didn't have stuff going on at home, but that's for later.

Today was lazy day, I started out going to the gym, after I dragged my ass out of bed, and then just sat around. All day. When was the last time I did that. And with cable even. It's was freaking awesome.

I made it here without a single hitch, I have to say that was pretty freaking nice. I was totally stoked. I think that made it all the better. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. Shopping and whatnot. Just relaxing is freaking awesome.

I'll keep in touch.