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I could really fall in love...

With my office!

hello, I am rachel and I have an office. HOW EFFING COOL IS THAT? I finally got it all set up and pretty. I found some things today at michael's to spruce up the place. and I visited a store called Tuesday Morning. hello, I'm creepy, and I'm tuesday Morning. Don't go there without back up.

But here's the deal, it's supposed to be my day off, and I have been here since 11. the problem you ask? I like it here, so there is no problem. Back in the days of the bowling alley I used to spend days in my office, I find that is the case again. I wonder if they would let me paint... the walls are all beat up... i should put that to someone... hehe

Love you all!

Talk to you soon (ecspecially you momma. I miss you!)



My new best friend!!!

I got a present from this last business trip...

Isn't she beautiful! I lub her!!!


And I'm spent...

Well it's done. I will be starting my new job on Monday. I think I am going to enjoy working with boys. Pretty much because I like boys best.


Ben is taking me shopping today


I'll update later.

Have fun in Vegas, Momma!

rachey mcracherton



This is our cat Milton. Technically he's Ben's, but he loves me best. We try to keep it on the DL cause ben gets jealous.

In this pic, he's hyped up on cat nip. and tuna... I pretty much spoil the shit out of them when Ben isn't home...

I lub you buddy.


so really though... interesting...

I had a day today. Ben left for Orlando-Ocala. and then all I wanted to do the rest of the day is take a nap. So I made some lunch and then went tanning, and then I did just that. I'm watching the tv's and then I'm going to crash out. The idea was to go to the gym. but I just don't have the motivation. I'm going to just go to bed.

If I could get my voice to go back to normal that would be fantastic. I sound like Demi again.




Cinco de Mayo...

Is that how you spell it? Like the condiment?

That's weird.

I know I've remarked on it before, but evidently I must reiterate. I'm tired of sitting home alone. I don't really know why I do it even. I guess I should just say fuck it and go somewhere.

But what do I do?

I go to the bar alone, and the chances of me not getting picked up are slim to none. And that's not why I want to go out. I mean seriously, a girl goes into a bar alone, even if she is the dog ugliest girl on the planet she is going to get hit on. That interests me about none.

So I make friends. Well here's the issue... I like to hang out with guys. I love to be the token girl in a group. I love to be the one they talk to and hang with and just chill. I like the movies they do, and the jokes they do.... Besides... OTHER GIRLS MY AGE ANNOY ME! Therefore spending any sort of time with a gaggle of them doesn't appeal. But seriously, me hanging out with a bunch of guys constantly is going to fly like a bird without wings. So not really going to happen.


I'm at a loss.

I really had a great day. I had some good meetings and I'm looking forward to finding out what will happen in the coming week.

I think I shall spend the rest of my night with a movie and a book. Sad. lol...

Rachel, soon to be something emo like, broken Bird wings.


Why this town makes me happy *a blog in pictures*

Because this is my backyard tonight at 7 ish when I was outside enjoying the birds chirping and the warm 65-70 degree temps. I was happy as a clam with my Nora Roberts book, and my slippers on....

There was one slight problem...

What does this little boy do? and why is he posistioned over a big round thing full of dirt? You silly little boyo you...


Some pics for you...

The best part of this gihugeic house? My gihugeic kitchen.

did I mention this is right outside my house?
I live here. Seriously...