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Moviepalooza Ladies and Gentlemen

Hey all you boys and girls out there in blog land.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of catching up on sleep, movie watching and work. Friday, the day that I took a half day was the first time I actually felt "caught up" in over a week.

I'm really excited about the direction things have been going and look forward t them getting better as we go along. I feel good about the fact that it now seems like there is something in it for me.

Events otherwise have been good. Thank you G-Unit. We've been having some good dinners and seeing some good movies. I figure one of these days we'll run out of movies and have to think of something else to do. Then I will have to start schooling people in games. :D

That's all for now. Time for sleep. I'll be doing a movie review next post.

Much love munchkins.


Word... to your mother?

Euphoria is different things to different people. Tonight my Euphoria centers around some chicken, broccoli, garlic bread and a chick beer. :)

I'm not sure which portion of that really puts the smile on my face. But I know that it surely does.

I've a great week, those start on Sunday primarily, and I like it.

Saw Wanted last night, and holy cows do I ever recommend you see it. Angelina Jolie is hot as usual. She's a little skinny in this movie, but the badass totally counteracts the other parts.

James McAvoy was awesome, but he's totally a little snively in the beginning and until he gets into real badass mode he's not as easy to take. Please see it... and then read the graphic novel, be amazed at how different it is. But in a good way. I won't ruin it for you except to say that it totally made two great stories. Good one you Wanted people, good on you.

I have to say a big fat happy anniversary to Mel and Bri. You two boggle my mind with your craziness and amaze me with your ability to love each other wholeheartedly. And since my sister is right now receiving her Anniversary gift, which is a black gleaming beautiful Macbook. You lucky spoiled bitch..... I heart you both, and I am so thankful to you both.

Much love childrens. I'm off to the gym and then hunkering down for awhile.



Vacancy at the Roach Motel...

Hey all you patriotic types! Hope you had an amazing 4th of July!

Travis and I decided it would be a great idea for us to to go Sanford and visit Tristan and Adam, and watch the City of Sanford fireworks spectacular.

Hot damn.

Let me break it down for you.

We started the 4th rather leisurely, wake up, read book play Pharoah, and Gym. Then it was Low Country Boil. MMM MMM MMM. Low country boil, for those of you that need to know is sausage, corn, the best potatoes on the planet, and Scrimps. The scrimps is the best part, you just have to peel them before you eat them.

So, a huge pot of boil, and 6 or 7 too many chick beers later, the road trip to the Sanford commences.

After parking in the historic district, we proceeded to Ms. Tristan's apartment. We walk in the front door... and I'm greeted by a smell, something like the combination of an ashtray, obese people, and sweat. Yum. Up the stairs, past the dead roach and dust bunnies and down the hall we go.

Into the foyer of the apartment. Or the apartment itself, whatever you want to call it. I really have no words for what happened over the next couple hours.... It was dirty. A dog humped a cat. And there were roaches and Noodle salad. We visited a gas station that carried weave. And a man from Georgia liked my eye make up.

All in all a most excellent time. tehehehehehehe...

Today was another lazy day... sleep in, gym and then we did some Buffalo Wild and I give you this tidbit. Sorry for the direction, I'm movie challenged.


An ode to #26....

Oh 26. The good times we shared.

The late night police visits.
The underage parties.
The screaming matches on the back porch.
The screaming matches on the front porch.

Tonight, on this night of celebration and minor explosives, you have outdone yourself.

Who knew siding and exposed tar paper is flammable.
I always thought that was a good place to put out a cigarette. Evidently so did you 26, so did you.

For those of you in the know you know the fact that our neighbors are the kind of trash that make late night headlines. I always thought that was funny until the j-holes moved in next door.

I should have known the first time someone was parked in our space that it was going to be a mess.

Low and behold all has come to fruition. Young Female neighbor has become "young statistically knocked up and underage neighbor". Young boy who used to have a job has become "I'm going to the school of hard knocks neighbor". Beginning with Arson 101. And "somehow has custody Dad" has found love with "whino doesn't have her own washing machine Native American lady".

Welcome to America. Happy 4th

Ps. I forgot the best part. As we were standing outside tonight waiting for the firemen to leave, we got some great news. The all American family is moving out on the 11th.

I think we should have a celebratory BBQ. Come join us.