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The need has arisen.

I am blogging today. I feel the need. But what to talk about I do not know.

A year of change has happened and now is getting even better.

I spent my morning today, having me time. That’s what you do on your day. I got up, took an hour long bath with lots of smelly stuff. Then I put on my tank top and my favorite peasant skirt, after taking a ridiculously long time to get ready, and went for a ride on the Herbinator. He got a bit of a tune up yesterday and was aching to go out.

In case you missed the most important part of that paragraph, I wore A TANK TOP AND SKIRT OUTSIDE (oh yeah, and my fuzzy slippers)…. On January 7, 2007. That’s right. I can not remember one time I have ever done that in all of my 25 years.

I thought that at this age life was supposed to start sucking. Oddly, mine is getting that much better. And just keeps going. Like, who would have guessed.

The only downfall today, I am flying back to Washington for most of the day unexpectedly. Details to follow. I’ll be looking the homies up, for sure! I am seeming to be in the area until Wednesday.

Spent last night at the MX track. I will never get tired of that smell and noise.

My mind is a million places today. And 99.9% of them are amazing ones.

I’m sure I will write on the plane… I like doing that.

Lovies everyone, thanks for everything this weekend!