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Happiness is a bomb emotion.

Somewhere in the last week or so, I guess it was sometime this weekend, I really did turn a corner, I wasn't just thinking I did.

And I'm really happy. It's amazing. I took some great advice from my boss and I am doing it.

Hoo ray for me.

I miss people. I need to make some phone calls and catch up though.

the rachimckins.


I had the best day...

So I had a fantastic day.
I didn't do much. I just farted around. I did get the oil changed in my car, and I did get my taxes done. 1700 dollars. Booya.

I found out amazingly enough, the great Martha Stewart will be in town. At Sur la table. I was to make paper airplanes out of her magazine and launch them into her hair whilst she is signing books. Hooray!

I work tomorrow but I will post in the morning.

bwah ha ha.

Rachel Stewart. (You know it sounds better)


I'm really the coolest person you know...

At least my boss thinks so.

It's awesome. Btw, let the new Rachel begin. My life changes now. I have finally realized what it is going to take to get over my stupid emotional dependency. and it's awesome. A new more powerful Rachel shall emerge. To take over the world.

Don't be scuured.


Rachelius Maximus


lol... This made my day....

So get this. On myspace there are these bulletins which are kinda like chain letters that when you post them they go out to all of your friends. I got one today from my buddy Chris and it said click this link to sloganize your name.

You go to the link, you input your name, and you click sloganize.

This is what I got.

"That's Handy Harry, stick it in The Rachel!"


Do yours and comment on what it said!

Click Me you dirty bastards!

"The Rachel" Can you believe it did that itself? It's official I will now be known only as the Rachel.


Reasons why I am weird: Post !

I have decided that since everyone else has an ongoing post, I will have one too... titled, "Reasons why I am weird: !-!)"

So I have decided there is really a screw loose with me. I was cleaning house today, which was already pretty clean, like people would walk in and say, "your house is sure clean", but I would know that there was a slight film on the marble in the kitchen. (I guess that could be a reason why I am weird for a later date) Anyway, it was bothering me that we have no closet space. There are two bedroom closets and and then 2 utility closets: one of which holds the washer and dryer, and the other that holds the water heater and some shelves above the cat box. Not ideal for storage, either of them.

I also came to the realization that I had yet to actually organize my closet since the move. And I have a lot of clothes mind you. So this was a rather daunting task that I have been trying to avoid. I did Ben's closet like the first day. His is all polo shirts, and button down shirts. Not a ton of variation so it was easy to organize. I on the other hand am a little bit more ridiculous in the ol' clothes acquisition. I've got everything. And I like it all color coordinated starting with Magenta, and ending in cream. Cause that's the way I say the rainbow in my head, and it's pleasing to the eye. I also like it organized in sleevless to long sleeve. So I don't have to search for something if it is cold in the room. Serious!

But that's not why I'm weird.

Why I am weird is.... It really doesn't bother me if the clothes are turned inside out. If in the washing and hang drying they never got turned the correct way, that's okay with me, I just put them on a hanger and go with it. But dammit, if they have a long sleeve and are in the leftmost section of the color, someone is going to suffer my wrath.


Rainbow Rachel....

An Apology is in order...

To those of you who recently visited here, you got to stare at a picture of me. I'm sorry I'm not some blogging guru, but I was trying to change my display picture and that's how they said to do it. I just forgot to delete it. Bastards all of you.

I am now going to go back to watching one of the greatest movies alive, Thomas Crown Affair, and cleaning my already immaculate but not good enough house.

Did I mention that blogging makes me happy? It's a baking cookie kind of Saturday enjoy!

Rachel Crocker

I just realized a sad sad thing.

I got up at noon. It is now 11 and I am tired. Why you ask? Because I just spent 11 hours on the internet. Primarily myspace. How sad. What can you do. I enjoyed it dammit!

The trip to CDA isn't going to happen this weekend. Because I honestly don't want to go. And why go back when I can move on! So that is what I am doing.

Did I mention I really had a fantastic day? hehe... woohoo!



I have a day off.

What. I haven't had one in a long time. I was supposed to go back to CDA this weekend but some crazy weather has made me decide that that isn't the best idea. I think I am going to just stay here and hang out. I will probably go to work and stuff. Maybe I will call Rob's daughter Bobby. That would be fun. Or Chris Perreti. that would be bomb too. I don't know.. I will have to see.

Other than that life is really unexciting. I will be scouring the house, since there are no boys here to mess it up. And going to the gym. Rachel I am actually known as Rachel Avery. It weirded me out, but there was this sighn up bonus thing, so yeah... anywho. Have a fantastic weekend, I'm sure I will chat wtih you soon!

the rachinator


twas the day after v-day...

and all through the house, the moww moww's were stirring... and really really noisy when they play in the venetian blinds.

I had a good day today, I had training in Olympia. It was good times. I learned a lot.

I came home and exploded on Ben. I have felt really uncomfortable with his plans this weekend. or his "lack" of them. And just his behavior of late. Sometimes He honestly makes me feel really unappreciated, and well, like I'm just not good enough anymore with his whole new look and everything. who exactly are you trying to impress? What kind of people are you attracting? What, if you're truly trying to be a better person, makes a difference about what you look like? Is that what you want people to like you for? Funny enough I'm not a mind reader, so don't assume I understand your motives. I APPRECIATE DRIVE! I have it myself, but what is your motive? I ask that of everyone... what drives you? Contemplate that... and let me know.

If I had a resolution this year, it would be to truly become a better person. I HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO. But I believe that understanding what obstacles you have to overcome is half the battle.

I need to work on my emotional dependency. I have all the independence a person could ask for. I'm confident and on top of my game at work. But I rely on others, and lately namely Ben, for my happiness. I need to seriously work on some growth there. No one is perfect, and I'm far far far far far from it... but I'm proud of the growth I've made as an adult this last couple weeks. It makes me excited about the person I am becoming.

Sorry this was so deep. My original witty self will be back soon.

lots of love

Rachel (It's appropriate on this one)


Wow. It's that day again...

So... here's the deal. Not only was I a bad ass cook saturday. I was one sunday too. I made 48 cupcakes for my co-workers birthday. I'm that cool.

It's Valentines day. And if I hadn't always had some really depressing days, I can remember one good one in 04, I would be more excited about it. That and I sell jewelery. And it's totally depressing. Because 65 percent of the men hit on me. How sad does that make you about relationships. I mean. HELLO! You are buying your wife-girlfriend-baby's mom a diamond necklace. Eww... I was ecspecially grossed out today by this guy named Manny. He was hot. But in a I'm so hot I have to drive nice cars, and wear expensive things to overcome my insecurities sort of way. So I was really not into him. I think I realized I was disgusted after he looked at my nametag (located conveniently above my right boob) and said, "Rachel, you can call me whatever you want, I'll bring the beer." (He's a beer distributor, so this was a funny joke to him. He also pays 600 dollars a month for his 03 Yukon. I didn't want to tell him I don't dig suvs.)

So that is why, as of right now. I will be spending my valentines day working, and then coming home, making chicken nuggets and season fries, and watching moulin rouge. Cause that sounds like fun.

Happy Valentines Day Love-birds of the world.

St. Racheltine


I wish you could smell it.

Man-sagna? Meat-sagna? What do I call this masterpiece? Freaking good.

What do you get when you combine 2 lbs of mozz, 3lbs of hamburger, 1lb of italian sausage, and sauce and noodles? a 16.4 lb lasagna. (Yes, I weighed it you assholes)

lol I even took pictures.

And I baked some mothaeffin cookies. White chocolate macadamia nut. bam.

Rachel a.k.a. "Simply the best, better than all the rest"

(I'm waiting for it to cook. Then you get a picture of the finished product.)


And hooked up speakers and cleaned up. I am so stoked, I can't believe I forgot to tell you. It was the second most fantastic thing of the day yesterday.

(After the freaking slippers)

I am up and at em early today, even though I don't work till 2. Because I am going to make the world famous Malone/Householder lasagna. That's right folks, it's bomb.
And currently waiting for me, so I have to go.

Oh but I will tell you more later.

RachellaLuigi... my italian counterpart. ;)

I'm starting to work out again....

Because after the bronchitis... I stoppped. And the emotional ups and downs that are coming from not taking care of my blood sugar, with regular exercise and watching what I eat are kicking my ass. I never realize till the next day, when I have an up and recover.

So I'm having an up today. and it's been a great day. Watching the re-run of project runway tonight. hehe..

I found out the most exciting news today.


If you know me well you know how much I hate pantyhose. Pantyhose and high heels equals Rachel gets her angry face on. So she says happy feet make happy people... now SLIPPERS! I'm stoked (As evidenced by the exclamation points...)

I love you all so much, thanks for the comments yesterday when I wasn't sooo good.

I promise I will take care of myself.

"Bedroom Slippers" Householder... (Why did no gangster ever snag that name? It's bomb!


I have a problem.

I really don't know what it is, but I know I'm not happy. The sun is shining, and all is well... hmmm...

On a lighter note, I just called to change our power into our names, and instead of dialing 888 I chose to dial 800 and instead got a dirty number, I wonder how many people make that mistake. lol, I was confused as to why they told me to hang up if I wasn't 18. Then I realized my mistake. I was about to think we had the rudest power company ever. Just kidding!

Rachel "only charging YOU $.65 a minute" Householder

It's my day off...

I need a quiet day to myself. I should have never got online. It's so addicting. That would have been a much better idea.

Well.. sorry this is so short... Until Next time...

*correction* The Rachey McRacherton


So that was an interesting day...

I wrote this wicked email the other night when I was having a PMS moment. To the person I wrote it to, You know who you are... I'm really sorry about that. I went about that all the wrong way. I meant about 85% of it, but at the same time I got a little carried away.

I hope to make up for it in the coming days.

In other interesting topics let's examine the witty lyrics and song stylings of the great and glorious T-Pain... in his masterpiece... "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)"

She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
I'm N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin
I'm N Luv with a stripper

Because the stripper loves you, honey... you sing it...

She can pop it she can lock it
Teddy Penderass down I'm bout to see this sexy girl
In My bed
She don't know what she is doin
To my head
Yea She turnin tricks on me
Yea Yea Yea
She dont even know me
Yea yea yea ea
I'd have got her over to my crib to do that night thing
Cause I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper

I simply can not get over the mental image of a 75% naked girl pop and locking her way around a metal pole... is that sexy?

Sing it everybody!



I desperately need to go grocery shopping...

I had not so good a night. Pretty much I still kinda want to cry...

But I refuse to whine.

So on another note. The ridiculous owie in my thumb is finally healing. I'm stoked. I might be able to wear my thumb ring in a few days. I have felt decidedly naked without it. What can you do.

I am really excited for the super bowl tomorrow. Okay so I'm really not, but it is all over everything here. In the mall we are next to the Just sports, and they are ridiculously busy, actually opening hours early just so people can buy seahawks shirts. Silly people. I am working tomorrow, and it's going to be ridiculously slow. And I'm okay with that. Maybe I can just have an evening with no drama.

I think that's all.. works at 2 today. A short shift.

I really need a nap...

Rachel of the Montana Householders


that was a long day.

One of things that I love about this place is the ground always looks wet. Like in the movies. I got out of my car today and noticed that. How cool can that be. I practically live on a movie set. Although when I got home it looked decidedly like the set of Scream. There is a lot of vegetation. And it kind of lookis like Connecticut. Isn't that where Scream was filmed. Horror junkies unite, and correct me if I'm wrong. I hope you all had a fantastic day. I need some sleeps...

Love you long time!



Hey you guuuuuuuyyyyysssss!

lol, I almost forgot to write something I got so excited about my title.

I had a great night last night, got Ben's closet all done, didn't even touch mine amazingly enough.

I got distracted by Project Runway. Good episode. It was totally Andrae's time to go. I have to admit though, he's had some good showings, and I totally was expecting it to be Kara. Who I believe is yet to win a challenge. Hmmm... I'm stoked for next week!

Did I mention I pretty much had another great night?

I am a lot happier than I have been in a long time, in case you haven't noticed by my postings. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Ben.... There was so much in the air before we came here. AT least for me. It's awful nice to get a hug on a regular basis. There is something to be said for that.

I hope you have a fantastic day. After my double today, I'm sure I will have some sort of fun story to share with you.

love you bunches!



He came!

The cable man that is. and I'm so excited because it's project runway night. Heck yes. They are seriously one of the most fabulous group of people on tv. I love it, there is a catfight brewing I can sense it. hehe...

So I got a lot accomplished today, slowly hacked away at the craziness, tried to make it look more like a home, even though we are actually lacking any comfortable furniture.

What's for dinner... anyone?

Rachel Ingalls Wilder

You're going to miss me when I don't have a day off anymore...

I have many anecdotes. That's why I love me.

First.... Big duh to me. I have been up in arms over not knowing what is going on on my favorite tv shows. I have the interweb. I can look online.
So I might not get the closets organized today, that is important.

Second. I have discovered root booster. Thanks to Sarah Brown for the input. Big hair, what.

Third. I don't know what, but it seemed well rounded. heeh

Rachel Welch (Come on, work with me here people)

P.s. is it wrong that I answered the door for the fed ex man in a towel. I felt weird for a minute, then I realized my towel is bigger than a skirt and tank top. But I didnt' want to miss Ben's package! I would have got in trouble.

So good morning sunshines!

I really just spent the last two hours on the craziness that is Myspace. I feel dirty saying that, but I can't help it. It's so addictive. I found all these random people from Colstrip that I haven't talked to in a million years. But you know how they were your best friends at the time? Odd...

I am just chillin today, oh wait who am I kidding. I have two closets to organize, and Ben's office to clean. And I'm hanging pictures... I have to do it!!! Okay maybe not, cause Ben said he would throw moww in the trash if I did. Dammit.

I have to tell you what a laugh riot I am. Ben has put a picture of some almost too muscular abs in the fridge. I bought a package of cookies yesterday and put them on top. lol. I also bought some Ben and JErrys to tempt him to the dark side... bwah ha ha.

I'll check back in later.

Rachel B. Hawkins