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For real, that was fucking crazy...

I just had the craziest day at work ever. Not to mention that it totally blowed ass that I had to get up so early. But that was okay.

We did like 23000 today. goal was about 4. that put us at like 145 percent. which means that we make bank.

tomorrow is christmas. hoo ray. I'm cleaning house

peace out.



Christmas, you assholes is almost over.

I hate retail. I used to love Christmas, the lights, the pine trees and what not. but now, it blows. Maybe its the hundred hours I put in in the last 8 days... maybe it's the 4 hours of driving I have been doing. Either way it blows. And it will be over shortly.

I have to get up at the lovely hour of 4:30 tomorrow to get to work. and then it's Christmas day, and I finito.

It looks like I will be moving in to sarah's on the 27th. and then I won't have to drive any more. it will be awesome. Anyway, I'm off to the races, I need to pick up a controller... The boys are rallying madden.



My sister is one of the coolest people I know...

but don't tell her I said that because she is kind of a cocky bitch. hehe ;)

I realized how awesome she was today.

I am back to the daily drive, and I am currently cell-phone-less, as days ago I left my charger at the house I was staying at, and since I'm a technology geek and I bought a ridiculously new phone, you can't buy stupid accesories like a car charger for it yet...

I got into the habit of talking to my sister on my drive. Which was really nice, since because of the time change we don't get to talk a lot, and just because of our schedules and stuff... but anyway... I usually talk to her but since I can't I have been listening to cd's instead. Well it turns out she makes the greatest cd's on the planet. I woke up an hour and 35 minutes late today, and it pretty much made my day blow ass... except for my drive. I was listening to a cd called Chronically Infectious, a Sikorski original, and I just realized how nice it was that my sister would do something like that. I know she distributes her cd's to a lot of us, and I for one am thankful. Not to leave Brian out, as his cd stylings are also extraordinary....

But I just got to thinking this morning that one of the things I am thankful for is my sister, and the relationship we managed to salvage out of a childhood filled with big fights, and a wooden puzzle board incident the day before pictures... She loves me anyway, and I don't know how I would get by without her completely honest voice of reason, and her ability to always make my day.

So this my friends, would be a big fat thank you. For a great sister, who understands that she won't get her Christmas Presents until February, and I won't remember her birthday till the 17th but she loves me anyway...

Love you Melissa.



There is this cool thing about being exhausted...

You can eat all the McDonalds you want and you don't get fat. The bad part is that you actually have to work up to the exhausted stage and the fast food usually starts before that... meaning you put on the extra pounds that way. So to cope, I try to couple exhaustion with stress, which makes for some intense facial breakouts, but it will take off those extra pounds.

On a side note, there is acutally some good news on the horizon. As long as everything works out, remember this is Rachel land and that isn't exactly the most likely possibilty, I will be moving in with my friend sarah until I can find some sort of apartment. She is living with this lady named judy who has a rather large split level home, and their roomate is moving out, so they need someone to move in. 233 and a portion of utilities, I'm totally there.

So that will be nice... Downfalls, I work with Sarah, and Judy has more stuff than I have ever seen one person accumulate. I want her to be on Clean Sweep soooo bad. I could be one of those people that you have to have on, who talk about what an amazing person you are, but that you are just one dirty bitch. heheheheh...

Sarah has a big boxer named Roscoe. He's adorable... all he does is huff on you and slobber... but that's okay, he's amazingly well mannered. and he doesn't have a tail so he wags his whole body... I like him.

Judy's house does not have a finished basement. But that is what her family is getting her for Christmas, the stuff to finish her house. And so the place would be changing, but I think I might like it... and if all else fails, no lease, no deposit and a place that is like 10 min. from work. Which is a huge pro at this point in time. Although it doesn't stop me from the 90 hours I am about to put in up until the 23rd of Dec. Its pretty bad a**. (I meant to do that, we would actually say "a-star-star" in middle school so we wouldn't get in trouble... then my sister taught me naughty words... )

Anway, as it is 1:30 and my day starts at 6, I better go... Mac and Cheese and bed...



I'm about to make a cardboard sign...

Hey there stranger...

So umm yeah. things have been pretty amazingly shitty.. didn't get the apartment that I thought I was going to, so I have been living in a hotel and will be living in a hotel until at least the first of the year it looks like. Awesome... right??

Other than that things have been... great... I'll keep you posted.. maybe I will find a house,,.. and just buy it. IT would be stellar.

So long for now..