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10 Things...

Ten things you need to know about me since the last time I posted:

1. Typhoon Lagoon is everything I have been missing about WA in Florida. Clean water and a great time. And mini donuts.... wait, I just like those, they aren't from Washington.

2. I had my first sickness since the surgery... AND IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY THROAT.

3. Sex and the City was a good movie, but I still liked Iron Man better.

4. My room is my sanctuary, but I'm learning to be as happy out of it as I am in it.

5. Getting back to being normal is amazing.... I had to take time to recover financially but I'm finally biting the bullet and doing it.

6. I can't be without my iphone. I freaked out after 8 hours. So much that I took my first afternoon off ever to go get a new one.

7. Music is my boyfriend. I have found so much great stuff. Listen to Vampire Weekend and hear everything that there is good about the summer.

8. Trivia = awesome. I could play for hours and I am so happy that we found a new spot to play.

9. The gym has missed me almost as much as I've missed it. Maybe even more... because it sure makes me feel welcome and like I want to go back every time. Good on you, Gym.

10. I need to blog more. There is sometihng so great about sharing a little bit of my life. Even if no one reads it, the fact that I got to put it out there makes me very happy.

I am falling in love with the internet again since Scoot Jr. got a new dress. So I'll be back more.



Oh Snapz.

There are a great many things I love about my job on a day to day basis.

One of the most amazing is the fact that I still wake up on Saturday mornings ready to go, even though I don't have to be up and doing something. No sleeping in here, I am ready to go and ready to get on with my day.

Generally this means a trip to Disney, but today just meant catching up with my life. Cleaning, doing laundry, paying bills, and writing to you.

The last few days have been crazy in a great way. They have been some of the most personally fulfilling days of my life. I just don't even know what I would do without my boys, and I have to thank them everyday for that.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent at our sales kickoff. This year was the first time I actually got to breath. I had told myself that everything would happen and work it's way out and low and behold it did. I just can't begin to explain to you the good time it was. I got some great insight in the minds of some great sales people, and figured a few important things out for myself.

The two weeks before that are a blur. A BLUR. Year end always is, and although this year was nothing like the last one, I am positive that I didn't remember my name for a few days. It was great :)

Outside of work not much has been happening and I'm okay with that. The Mothership came to town and we had a BLAST!!! My mom is amazing, and I couldn't be happier to call her my mother. She makes me proud with how much she has grown and changed since divorcing my dad, and it's great to know that she's where I get a lot of me from. We didn't DO a whole lot, but we relaxed ourselves silly. I even took some time off of work and it was great. We did SeaWorld one day, and that was cool for the first time. I enjoyed the fact that the animals are so much fun and HOLY COW feeding the rays was great! It's the oddest feeling but oh so cool. We also did a day at the beach which was an amazing amount of fun. I just enjoy talking to and spending time with my mom. She has a love of life, and finds joy in the simplest things. I can't say enough how much I thank her for teaching me to enjoy what I have and what I'm doing. And to not always look for something better, but at least be aware that it's out there.

I STARTED BOWLING AGAIN! Well I kind of did. I got a ball drilled that I had Dad send down with Mom and practiced for a few days. Fundage ran a little short and then mom came to town and then year end and kickoff. But now that all of that is over the fundage will eventually work itself out and I will be able to bowl again. One of the activities during kickoff, not scheduled by me mind you, was bowling. And guess who beat all those guys with a house ball and rental shoes with the highest game? Moi. of course.

Let's see... The disney has been great and I have been going regularly. Trav just got himself an annual pass so let the fun times begin! We will be visiting regularly I assume and it's going to be awesome :)

Well let's see, other than that I got a whole lot of nothing. As always, much love and adoration to you.


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