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Being an real Adult 101

I have been having an awesome time this weekend... first the HHN. Which was a blast!

And then last night.

When they told me we were going to Ole' Ole' for dinner, I was thinking hells yeah, I'm gonna have me some enchiladas, and chips and salsa and rock out... Go home full and happy.

The night ended up being that times 1 billion.

Ole' Ole', is a Spanish restaurant. No ..42 on the menu. It's like blended chihuahuas, and spanish sausage, and food in a sauce. You always know how ra sha sha a restaurant is by the descriptions. If they say the chicken is in "a (insert descriptive word here) sauce, with a side of (insert some sort of side dish that takes longer than the 20 minutes for rice a roni)" you are not at your friendly neighborhood mexican restaurant.

We chose to have an array of Tapas, or appetizers to work our way through the meal. That and some wonderful Sangria made the Racher have one fantastic night. We ended up staying at the restaurant for well over 3 hours. I haven't enjoyed a meal that much in years. Wait... the night of my mom's birthday was a good time... but I sure didn't laugh as much as I did last night.

(ps. to those of you I left a long winded voicemail... sorry :/)

But anyway, I had the most amazing amount of fun.

There is something about Travis that just makes you want to laugh. Combined with how much I laugh around Brian and Melissa alone. Good Lord.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only 24 year old on the planet who doesn't have to get drunk to have fun. Who can enjoy a glass of wine and conversation, and just have a good time with other adults. It's not about who I can take home, or how many shots I had, but that everyone (And I mean everyone) has a fantastic time.

Damn, it was a good idea to come here.


Now I chose to skip out on the convention today and also leave Melissa and Duane to their thrifting and just take a day for myself. I'm so happy I glow.

Speaking of glowing. You should see my skin! I seriously haven't been this healthy in five years. Shit, I don't think I've been this healthy my whole life. Inside and outside. It's awesome.

Can't wait for tonight!


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