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There are good moods, and there are great moods...

I'm in a good mood.

I can't wait till I move. The way Jerry talked it is a sure thing. But I am holding out until Friday.

My mom is at her boyfriends or something, and so I have her house for the day, or two that I am here. I was really excited when I got here last night and there was actually a key for me to get in. I was really glad that I just got here. My "no fuel" light had been on since deer park.

I don't really have much else to tell you for right now. I'm in the middle of a great book by Melanie Rawn. It's the last of the ones that I have been reading since like 1997. I finally finished all of them and then bought the last one. I'm excited for the ending, I'm thinking that some things I wanted to happend from the start will actually happen.

Anyway, will be back again later today.



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