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Reasons why I love my new job, and more!

There is something to be said for a new environment. Back in the day at Harry’s, they used to call me a Chameleon, because no situation fazed me, I simply adapted and ran with it.

Then the 7 moves in the last 3 years happened, and you could say I like that change. My sister says I need to figure out what’s making me unhappy, and then change it so I can stay in one place for longer than 5 minutes. Eh…

I left Seattle with the intention of going back. I realized recently that doesn’t need to happen any time soon. I LOVED Seattle. And I will end up there. But what’s the point? I still have all my friends, and I talk to most of them more now than when I lived there.

But being here in Florida is one of the best two day decisions I have made in a long time. Do I miss certain people and parts of Seattle? OF COURSE. Sometimes I think about it and get sad. Then I realize there is no point and enjoy where I am.

But working and living here is awesome. You can’t beat “no jacket needed” weather in October. I mean, hello, it’s almost November, and I’m still wearing a mini most of the time.

My sister is da bomb. (And Brian is okay too. Hehe, I love you Bri Bri… but seriously, you’re really nursing my already out of control TV addictions. Geeks Rule!) They have totally been there for me. I already have some of the most awesome memories being here. My favorites include the night Herbie came home, the recent HHN, and some of the best times ever just sitting around the house. They laugh and enjoy life every moment of the day. No matter how shitty work was that day, or whatever is going on, they come home and unload. They laugh and quote movies. They like to be around each other. And aren’t afraid to show it. Hey people… do you get how important it is to laugh every day?

I’ve found my laughter. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

But my new job… wow. I stumbled into a gold mine here. Working for a software company means people are smart. There is a lot of intelligence running around the office. On top of that, they are damn cool. The girls are all awesome. They are there if I need them, have senses of humor, and the kind of women I want to be in 5 years. I wouldn’t give any part of my BBCCT’s up. But that whole construction environment just wasn’t nearly as friendly. And those boys weren’t even half the snappy dressers these people are.

Anyway, lol, I know I promised not to write anymore happy posts because you were all tired of hearing them. And this wasn’t meant to be one… but it’s kind of hard to stop.

The reason I started this post was this.

Our office ran out of coffee. Someone had to go buy some until our coffee service could provide new. So what happened? Our training manager went out to get some. Came back with 3 kinds: Espresso, Regular, and Vanilla. Sends out an office wide email, saying hey, this is what I got, I recommend you put this much in, and if not, click below.


Did I mention I heart geeks?


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