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No really, Pageant Dad.

In case you haven't watch Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC yet, you MUST WATCH AT LEAST ONE EPISODE.

Not only is there a pagaent dad... who wears a pagaent dad hat... and had such gem like quotes such as "if you need a tire changed ask my wife, if you need a dress beaded, I'm your man"...

But there is also the filthiest filth of a macaw that was ever seen on a reality television show. She has to be, there is no reason how she could not be. She's a pageant mom who has made the leap to also being in the Mrs competition. Mrs.... At one point in time, before her talent (baton twirling in case you were wondering) they interviewed her in the hallway, and she explained her costume. "a one piece, if you can believe that, spandex pantsuit". What she didn't say with words but was shown in pictures were the glitter sequin hearts, and the netting stomach piece. She said it made her feel skinny. Honey, no spandex jumpsuit makes anyone feel skinny. Really.

and here, a tidbit for you. Evidently the internet loved her as much as I did... enjoy. Rach


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