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Yes, I left it in the door...

honestly don't know the number of times I've unlocked a door, walked into a house with my hands full, and then left the key right there in the door as it shut.

And then forgotten it until the next morning. I usually find out about the same time I am frantically searching for my keys...

What?!?! You're amazed I've done that?

lol, of course you aren't. Because if you've known me for 5 seconds you know I have a one track mind, and do these things often.

Things like... turn the oven on to cook, and forget I left the cookies I baked three days ago inside. Until the house was filled with smoke (I did that with a house full of people... ps)

Things like... go to work, open the trunk of my car to get something out, and not realized I didn't shut it until I leave to go home.

8 hours later.

I'm a smart girl. I'm VERY organized. 99.9% of the time. But I'm sure a doozy that .1%.

Do I leave my bedroom messy for extended periods? no. Do I live a life of inefficiency at work so that nothing gets done? no.

I simply find locking and latching devices unneccesary, and therefore block out my use of them.

Which is why as we were sitting down to a wonderful apple roasted chicked and fresh garlic green bean dinner, there was a knock at the door.

It was our kind neighbor letting us know that the car door wasn't shut.

And the car keys were in the front door.



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