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Wow. Life repeats itself? NOT ANYMORE

Since I decided it was time to blog again, I figured that meant it was also time to revisit previous posts.. and wouldn't you know.. on January 26th 2009 I posted a blog listing 12 things I wanted to do in 2009... Guess what. I didn't do them. But let's revisit and see where we can make more progress...

12. I want to seriously look into getting licensed to do hair. I would enjoy it immensely and it would be nice to be a professional.

Right... so that didn't happen. And I can tell you why, but wouldn't that be making excuses? Actually, now that finances are different, and my work commitment is different, it could totally happen.

11. Get my own place. This is probably the biggest thing I want to do this year. There is so much I love about living with Melissa and Brian, but I want somewhere where I can get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and not have to worry about finding clothes.

I got my own place! And it is cute. And you walk in and it looks like I love here. YAY! (Thank you Mel)

10. Get a pet. A giant rabbit tops my list, but a new kitty or puppy would be good too.

I got a BUNNY! Hims name is Bunners and he is fat!

9. Go to the gym at least twice a week. Even with my work schedule, if I can only go in on the weekends, I want to go.

Still want to go..........

8. Go back west. (I totally just got the credits to Pretty Woman in my head... did you?) There are some serious parts of Seattle I miss, some people I would like to meet in person for the first time, and some people I just want to see.

Just got back from a vacation! And I went out west! And I totally loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

7. Work less or more, but find the happy medium. Even though I don't think about work when I leave the office, I also don't want to ever think about what is going to be waiting for me when I get back. Whether I work more to do that, or work less, it doesn't matter.

I have a different job. and I work no more than 45 hours a week. WOOHOO!

6. Go to the dentist. I have now got no less than 3 broken teeth. I think I need at least 1 more root canal, and I definitely need to have a tooth pulled. There is a reason my dad had dentures at 21, and I think I have reaped the genetic benefits of that act.

I guess... umm... well... I haven't even gone.

5. Find a new hobby. Or resurrect an old one. I really want to do pottery again. I wonder if there is anyone that would like to go with me?

Still need a hobby. Who wants to take a pottery class with me?

4. Spend more time at Disney. There are a million of you that would say that I already go a lot, but the fact of the matter is, there is so much that I miss there.

So I did spend a lot of time at Disney, until my pass ran out. Then decided it was a good time to wait and not renew right away. But it will happen again. I feel like this one was accomplished.

3. Talk to more people on the phone. I rarely return phone calls, and never initiate conversation. There are a billion people I need to talk to and miss back home, it's about time I did that.

Epic Fail. And any of my good buddies will tell you that. Still a work in progress though.

2. Show my Dad Orlando. I hope to have the chance to do that in the Spring when my dad travels across country on his first vacation in over 10 years. (Sound familiar? I'm only up to 3 years, maybe 4)

Well, I took a vacation,, and dad is supposed to come in May. So this could happen.

1. Be happy. I've been lucky to meet this requirement for most of 08, and definitely this first month of 09, all I ask is that it continues.

So I don't know if you know this, but I was completely lying here. BLATANTLY. Two months later, I managed to finally go see a doctor and get on medication which helped... A LOT. so. I guess I did accomplish it. WIN!

So revisiting this list has brought quite a few things into perspective. Namely, that life is a work in progress. And it will be until it's over. And that's okay. You don't have to figure it out all the time.

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