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There are certain things you can control, and certain things you can't...

Oh what a weekend. Definitely good. But man...

I had to spend this weekend recovering from the disaster that was me going on vacation. The vacation, was great. The abrupt departure and consequent harried shuffling through everything I own, not so great. I wish I had maybe taken some time to tidy up before I left.

Also I had to do laundry... which may or may not be the first time I've done laundry since... oh... November? It's been a minute. I just don't wear the kind of clothes that need washed all the time. Now, as I read over that again let me clarify. Laundry is where you do multiple loads and actually have to concentrate on the cycles of the washing machine. The random load of pajama pants every two weeks (yes I have 14 pairs) does not mean that you need to do laundry.

I forgot how exhausting laundry is.

Plus, I have a bunny. Did I mention that? Did I also mention hims is fat? Cause he is.

He typically doesn't shed. Meaning when I snuggle my face into him I come away without all those little hairs tickling my nose!

Well, about six weeks ago, he started to lose his winter undercoat. Which should take about two weeks for him to groom out, and then he's down to the nice sleek little guy you would love to cuddle.


Because six weeks later, I had to completely de-hair my house yesterday.

While I was gone Melissa and Brian Babysat for me. Which was great (Thank you Mel and Bri) but they are not pet owners. And when you are not a pet owner, you don't realize the day to day rituals involved in not having a "(Insert pet type) lives here" house.

So yesterday, after I emptied the vacuum cleaner six times, I realized that Bunners was still going through the shedding. So now we're fighting the eternal battle against the softest most snuggly bunny hairs there ever were. And they are everywhere.

This means a bath today, which means I will be shunned for the next 12-24 hours. But hopefully, doing less of the tickly hair removal.

It also looks like I might be getting into that hobby we discussed. I'm looking forward to it. Trying something new and getting some reward out of it. I'll keep you posted on the results.


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