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Things I’m Thankful For ’06

There is so much that I am happy about and Thankful for this year.

Through all the upheaval and changes I have come out better than ever, and on top.

Top of my list this year, is definitely my sister and Brian. They are in short, amazing. They have helped me up when I was down, been the best friends I can ask for, and never cease to make me laugh.

Second are my best friends. There is one guy, and one girl out there who have been awesome. To Miss C I say Thank you. For knowing unlike anyone else what it is like to be me, and to have to get through it. Mr. S, You are my favorite. Always. J

After that come so many things… I am rich in so many ways. The BBCCT’s, the bad Rachel, The new friends I’ve made here in Orlando, and some old friends I’ve hooked up with again recently.

HERBIE! You make my day, twice a day.

Contentment isn’t a bad thing. As long as it means you are happy with what you have so far. Not that you’re going to be that way for the rest of your life.

In that sense, I am the manifestation of contentment. And soo excited for all the better things to come.


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